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Friends Only. [Jul. 31st, 2010|04:42 pm]
Things in my life are pretty crazy and the necessity for my voyeuristic tendencies to become mutually selective has come to my attention.

Comment if you would like me to check you out and add you back.
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(no subject) [Jun. 10th, 2008|11:51 pm]
Behold... My Future
  I will marry Max Bemis.  
  After a wild honeymoon, We will settle down in Portland OR in our fabulous House.  
  We will have 13 kid(s) together.  
  Our family will zoom around in a Azure Toyota Prius.
  I will spend my days as a Pastry Chef, and live happily ever after.  
whats your future

Omg, this made me cackle in delight. If only it could happen. I don't know about 13 kids though, I think they would come about from ADOPTION. Honestly, aside from the 13 kids and marrying Max Bemis (I can dream lol) I can see this being my life.
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(no subject) [Sep. 6th, 2007|03:42 pm]
[Current Mood |ecstaticecstatic]
[Current Music |The Shins - Phantom Limb]

FUCK YEAH! I just won tickets to see Muse and make sushi with them before the show!!!!@$!@%!@$!

GOD BLESS ohnotheydidnt. If I did not read this goddamn community every fucking day in my spare time I would never know that Muse's song was used in the commercial for the Dior perfume Midnight Poison featuring Eva Green. God Bless every one of those crazy celeb obsessed psychos!
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Totally not a vlog. [Sep. 3rd, 2007|08:10 pm]
[Current Mood |amusedamused]

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(no subject) [Feb. 27th, 2007|02:46 am]
[Current Mood |draineddrained]
[Current Music |The Bird And The Bee - Again & Again]

Sooo I bought a brand new Digital SLR camera a few weeks ago and I've been hording some pictures to post. Trying to make it a little more ~organized~ and artsy, so bare with me.

Milla, le kitty catCollapse )

out around townCollapse )
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Because some of us can't just go buy one.. [Sep. 15th, 2005|09:59 pm]

So, is the next site to be giving out iPods, but better than that, you don't need to use any credit card information and all you have to do is register and take one of their quizzes. That's it. I was actually thinking about buying a iPod Nano because they're less expensive than regular iPods, but why buy one when you can get one free? I just need 10 people to do this for me, that simple.

Seriously. No credit card info need, I literally just did it, all I had to do was take one of the quizzes
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(no subject) [Sep. 6th, 2004|09:39 am]
Medford woman falls off cliff, dies
Mail Tribune
Jackson County Search and Rescue workers used boats on the Rogue River Sunday to recover the body of a 55-year-old Medford woman a day after a fatal fall down a steep cliff near Grave Creek.

Cheryl Patricia O’Reilly died after suffering massive head injuries when she fell 100 feet from the narrow Rogue River Trail that leads to Rainie Falls, said Josephine County Sheriff’s Detective Sgt. Ken Selig.

O’Reilly was hiking with three companions, a man and two young children, toward the falls, about two miles downstream from Grave Creek, Selig said.

O’Reilly was unable to navigate the trail when it became narrow and steep.

Her companion and the children continued on and O’Reilly started walking back toward their car parked at Grave Creek.

Witnesses told Selig that O’Reilly, who walked with a cane, tripped on rocks about ½ to ¾ mile west of Grave Creek and tumbled over the edge of the trail.

A bystander clambered down the cliff to perform CPR, Selig said.

The accident was reported at about 5:15 p.m. Saturday.

Darkness and the steep, remote location prevented immediate recovery of O’Reilly’s body.

Josephine County Search and Rescue workers remained on scene throughout the night. About 20 workers used boats to help float the body across the river Sunday morning for transport on the north trail exit, Selig said.

O’Reilly, a former Mail Tribune employee, was remembered Sunday as a lively, big-hearted woman devoted to her two daughters, Samantha O’Reilly, 17, of Medford, and Jessica O’Reilly-Cowan, 23, of Miami, Fla.

"She was totally focused on her kids. They were the world to her," recalled longtime friend Alan Berlin of Ashland.

She also appreciated Latin culture and music, friends said.

Samantha O’Reilly recalled her mom’s zest for life.

"She loved to garden. She loved to dance. She loved good food and wine," she said.

Cheryl O’Reilly was active at Temple Emek Shalom in Ashland.

A service is planned for Thursday, although details are not yet final.

Reach reporter JoNel Aleccia at 776-4465, or e-mail
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(no subject) [Sep. 6th, 2004|12:11 am]
[Current Mood |numbnumb]

It feels really unreal. my mind, I know that this is real, though. I know that she's dead. I know that she's not coming back. But in my heart and in every single emotion I have in me it just doesn't add up. It doesn't seem real to me that she's gone because she wasn't finished. I have this small, miniscule sliver of hope that this is all just one big sick joke; the my mom is really alive but she is hiding from me...and that she'll walk through the door at any minute. And God, what I would give for that to happen. Because that afternoon when she left...I don't even remember seeing her really. I'm pretty sure she had on a white t-shirt and some blue jeans...but I don't know if that's what I saw or if I even really saw her at all. And what kills me is that I probably won't be able to see her might be morbid to want to see her body...I don't know what shape it's in...but I just want to see her face again. To make sure it's really what I remember. To give her a kiss and apologize for being so horrible to her. For not appreciating her.

It really makes it hard to believe in God. Just on Friday I was thinking about how I'm not sure if I really believe in a higher power...and then this happens. Everyone keeps telling me that He has a purpose and that everything happens for a reason and that something good will come out of this. Maybe 10 years down the line from this I can look back and see that this is a catalyst to make my life better...but right now all I can feel is the agony and outrage of the fact that I don't have my mom anymore. I know I've got my dad...and I know some people have lost more...but my life was my mom. No matter how much we fought or I convinced myself that she was intolerable and I hated her. I will never forgive myself for thinking I hated her.

But more than anything I want to take everything from Gerry. I don't care if you think wanting vengence for my mom is wrong...but what he did was not right. When I turn 18 in two months I'm filing a civil suit regarding his neglegence and her wrongful death. And I'm turning him in for driving without a valid lisence. Fucking bastard.
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(no subject) [Sep. 4th, 2004|10:42 pm]
my mom went hiking today with her friend gerry...somewhere out on the rogue river. she slipped on the trail and fell. i don't know how far. but she did not survive.

You got my name in your mouth, then this slug's for you [Jun. 29th, 2004|05:57 pm]
[Current Mood |geekygeeky]
[Current Music |The Transplants - DJ DJ]

Am I a really big nerd for getting an idea for a fic from reading a science textbook? Because I did; reading about succession and climax communities. And that sounds kinda dirty, but I don't mean it like that.

hee. I'm such a geek.
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(no subject) [May. 12th, 2004|10:13 pm]
[Current Mood |distresseddistressed]

Um. I'm feeling super-extremely worried...because I'm being a total hypocondriac...but I've got two white dots on the back of my throat and they feel really weird, and whyinthehell would I have white dots on my throat?

Uh...that is not cool by me, mmkay body?

If I am sick I will be really pissed.

Oh, P.S.
The WB sucks ass because they don't give two shits about Angel ending...they're the ones that "decided not to renew". So...they can suck it. Kthnxusuk.
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(no subject) [May. 12th, 2004|12:20 am]
[Current Mood |aggravatedaggravated]

Goddamnit! I want Everwood finale screencaps. Arg.
LinkLeave a comment I have something to say... [May. 11th, 2004|10:27 pm]
[Current Mood |snark, snark, snark!]
[Current Music |Law and Order]

I'm going to counter Letty's "Rory is stupid" with Rory is smart for not going with Jess. That relationship was the worst. television. relationship. ever.

I can say this because I watched General Hospital; home of every implausable, assanine, uncompatible, disfunctional, abusive, and stupid relationship ever thought up by the biggest chuckleheads in any kind of television show (daytime or prime time).

But little trollop! I mean...I love Dean and Rory...but.......Trollop! I'm not really mad at what I saw in the previews because I will always want Rory with Dean over anything...but damnit. Don't be horndogs you weirdos.

ALSO....One Tree Hill was all kinds of stupid. When they started playing Snow Patrol in the end montage I was like, "Oh no they did not just totally make me not like this song as much by playing it on this crapfest!"

I was so ready to beat some asses.

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dude...i have nothing to say except...baah [May. 11th, 2004|10:17 pm]
[Current Mood |blankblank]

Click here to see!Collapse )

and also....

You're an Angst writer!

What kind of writer are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

have to say it's (not so) oddly appropriate
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um...this kind of sucks [May. 6th, 2004|11:19 pm]
[Current Mood |depresseddepressed]
[Current Music |Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah]

I guess I shouldn't watch ER because, holycrap I'm so depressed now.'s really random too. Tonight's episode was sad, but not that sad. Who knew that me throwing up sushi could have such an effect on my emotions?
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ATTN: Pay attention here people! This is important! [May. 6th, 2004|10:27 am]
[Current Mood |determineddetermined]

I'm sure since most of my friends are socially, and politically responsible, all of you that are able to be registered to vote are registered. But! If you so happen to keep putting it off, there is a simple, easy, and fast way to register. You can do it online through

So if you love me, you will go to and click on the link to register. It's very important that you do this because you can help decide the future of our country. Do you really think that everyone else out there has your best interests in mind? I can guarantee you that they don't. If you're already registered, send your friends and family members who haven't been so thoughtful to this link and have them register. Remember...every vote counts. If there had been 500 more votes for a certain presidential candidate in 2000 in a certain state (that shall not be named), things would be a lot different in this country. So do your patriotic duty; register to vote and make your voice be heard!

Please leave a comment if you do so take my advice because I'd like to keep track of who I help register to vote. :)
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Holy Crap, dudes! [May. 4th, 2004|01:13 pm]
[Current Mood |excitedexcited]

So um...I've been back from San Jose for about a day and a half...but I pretty much slept all day on monday (because...hello! exhausted!), and this is the first break I've taken today from cleaning my room.

And I'm doing that because (holy crap, dudes!) my SISTER IS FLYING IN TONIGHT!

I haven't seen her in 4 years and I haven't even seen my nephew in person at all, so I'm ready to pee my pants.

I found out she was coming on Wednesday night, but due to the frantic packing and running around, I didn't really get to mention it unitl today!!!

Holy freaking crap dude. I'm going to overload you with pictures of my awsomely adorable nephew in about 6 hours. Be ready!
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hmm.. [Apr. 29th, 2004|06:49 pm]
[Current Mood |quixoticquixotic]

So. I got the hair dye remover It's in my hair right now "developing". I'm not going to look at it until the 20 minutes have gone by. But I just really hope that it's working. I've still got, like, another ounce left....but I really don't want to have to reapply it.

But if it works like I'm hoping I'm going to dye my hair something lighter than black, but darker than my natural color.

Because I am a total slave to every advertisment and commercial I see that looks super cool (and also uses an Elestica song) I bought Garnier's 100% Color dye in Deep Burgundy Brown. The color looks super yummy.

Crap. I'm so not a hair color specialist. Should I have the developing cream in now? I have no idea.
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Dude. [Apr. 29th, 2004|04:24 pm]
[Current Mood |rushedrushed]
[Current Music |It's! In! My! Brain! (the fugue..GAH!)]

Could things be any and productive in my prepterations for my trip to San Jose/San Fransisco?

I highly doubt it.

I'm currently sitting here in a pair of underwear because all of my pants are in the wash. I = frazzled.


And I was really planning on going to school tonight. But....I need to fix my hair and then re-dye it (because I'm obsessive compulsive)....and practice the Fugue in G Minor some more (uh...because I suck)...and not to mention the Air and Danse Infernalle. HolyCRAPI'msounprepared.
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ummm...holy craaaaap [Apr. 29th, 2004|12:53 pm]
[Current Mood |nervousnervous]

This is not viola cannot be doing this right nooow....why am i an idiot who will leave her viola in her hot car for more than an hour? .....why am I shaking...omg this suuuucks.

um....i kind of panic-y right now...heh....don't mind me.
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